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DECIMUS - Morning and Evening Ragas Vol.1


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100 copies. "With Morning & Evening Ragas Vol. 1, Decimus (aka NNCK’s Pat Murano) enacts a unilateral disarmament, of sorts. Tiring of the record-release-tour-book-gigs-etc cycle, he bought a house in upstate NY and retired there, recording twice a day – once in the morning, again at night: “I started just playing along with the birds and the crickets,” he reflects. You can hear that in the opening minutes of the first side, a morning raga from 2016, an extended exploration of a particularly misty perspective. It doesn’t take long to reach an elevated state – Murano is fully committed to getting you there – but it does this with no fuss, no presumptuousness, just a cluster of tones and a slowed heartbeat thud. The evening raga, from earlier this year, is a deeper pass yet, a thick syrup of mutant psychedelia: but this is an overheating, swamped kind of psychedelia, swarming with insectile detail, as Murano’s electronics nestle in amongst the flora and fauna." - Daksina.
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