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DEEPKISS 720 - Cazworld

Beniffer Editions

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"Along with the Prog MP3 disc Jase sent the latest of his rejuvenated Deepkiss 720 releases. This one easily wins the most ridiculous over the top packaging of the year award. Im not one to dwell on packaging, being of the mind that its whats inside that counts but a fold out, cut out sheet of eye-boggling collage the size of Andorra deserves special mention. Inside lies a cassette titled Caz World which contains the usual cut up tape malarky that DK720 is renowned for: Ringo swearing, tapes being sped up and cut up, TV samples, screams, punk riffs, disaffected teenagers spill the beans to tweed wrapped social workers whilst anangry bee tries to singe the hairs in your right ear lobe. Its quite possible that theres nobody in the UK making noises quite like Deepkiss 720. Long may he run." -Idwal Fisher. 18 x 24", double sided screenprinted quadruple foldout in two VHS sleeves, gaping, handcut detailing, Cassette. 

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