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DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - Die singende Sternlaterne/Folklore des Weltalls 1982


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Planam very proudly presents you Die singende Sternlaterne/Folklore des Weltalls 1982 by Die Welttraumforscher. This record includes the first-time LP edition of the mysterious Swiss electro-Dada artists second cassette as well as previously-unreleased material. Issued in conjunction with Christian Pflugers first comprehensive retrospective Ein Sommer in der Wirklichkeit (i.e. A Summer in Reality") at Kunsthaus Langenthal and the corresponding monograph "Songs, Signs, Explorations" presenting drawings, music, lyrics, films and other rare material. When Die Welttraumforscher set out on July 14, 1981 no one could have realized that their journey would not be over soon. For more than 30 years now, Christian Pfluger has been working on drawings, texts, films and songs for the fascinating universe of the imaginary trio, which is well populated with figures like Leguan R_ɬ§tselmann or Kip Eulenmeister and his astronauts of the spirit. In the course of that journey, among other things, over 35 music cassettes, LPs and CDs have been released, presenting minimal songs that the Welttraumforscher themselves call "Bretzelberg pop" and "space folklore." Planam now re-issues the Welttraumforschers second cassette, including the previously-unreleased album Folklore des Weltalls 1982. Translators note: The expression "Welttraum" in "Die Welttraumforscher" is a play on the words "Weltraum" (Universe), "Welt" (world) and "Traum" (dream). "Die Welttraumforscher" can both be read as "The Explorers of the Universe" as well as "The Explorers of the Dream of the World." Edition limited to 350 copies." - Planam.

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