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DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - Untermensch Lieder

Le Souffleur

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The name Raymond Dijkstra may not be sparkling alive, but the man has\r\n been around for some time, and he has released many works, under his\r\n own name, aswell as Dadaphon, Razoul Uzlu, Ki Sync Pulse, Asra (a duo\r\n with Af Ursin) and at one point one-third Indra Karmuka. On this 7\r\n he doesnt return to the noise work he released before under his own\r\n name, but rather continues paths taken by the work as Dadaphon:\r\n amplifying objects, layering them and making a collage out of it. On\r\n the a-side there is the scratch of glass on metal sound in the\r\n foreground and osbscure, semi-percussive rumbling in the back.\r\n Similar scratch is on the b-side but the percussive element is louder\r\n here. Not dissimilar to Organum, Raymond Dijkstra however likes his\r\n sounds to be free of any electronic treatment, rather keeping in\r\n close contact with the original sounds. The treatments are played and\r\n not generated. A rather solitary voice in this kind of music. Should\r\n appeal to more people than it does by the name and thats a pity.\r\n Check it out, will ya?" - FdW, Vital. Edition of 100 copies. Restock of this 2004 release without the original sticker on label and signed and dated 14/03/11.

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