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DIPERS, THE - How To Plan Successful Parties


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"Members of THE INTELLIGENCE, recorded by CHRIS WOODHOUSE of MAYYORS\r\nThe gaucherie that is How to Plan Successful Parties relies not on squishy sentiments, fist-pumping party anthems, nor smoke and mirror tricks to project it?s message and the reason for this is that Successful Parties has no message. In fact, you will find not a single set of instructions for arranging celebrations successful or otherwise so don?t even look. Written democratically and without a dictionary by Emphysema, Ricketts, and Cirrhosis (all, it should be said, past and present members of other similarly bombastic and trashy musical outfits such as the A-Frames, the Intelligence, and Double Fudge) and recorded by Sacramento?s stun-gun toting boy genius, Chris Woodhouse, these seven songs ooze sexy mashed potato slush laced with shrapnel and unicorn horns. Put these songs on after polishing off a box of bargain basement macaroni and cheese and see if you don?t have to fight the urge to run a nice lukewarm bath and set that bitch on repeat". -Omnibus

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