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Originally inspired by both the DIY ethic of the punk movement and the likes of Throbbing Gristle and File Under Pop, two friends Nag and Bendle decided to form The Door And The Window in March 79. They played with the Pop Group, Scritti Politti, Delta Five, Swell Maps and Raincoats. The line-up of the band was always fluid and sometime members included Fritz (23 Skidoo), Dennis Burns (ATV/Good Missionaries), Grant Showbiz (The Fall) and Giblet (49 Americans). In late 1979, Mark Perry, disillusioned by the constraints and expectations of Alternative TV joined the band as druumer and co-songwriter. The punk movement had showed that to make music you didnt need to have first acquired some musical understanding and/or instrumental dexterity. Understanding that music has no unbreakable rules, and then proving this by breaking them, is a fine thing. But Nag and Bendle went further -- they refused to learn what the rules were in the first place. This lack of musical pretension is what still separates them from the all-too-knowing purveyors of whats called "experimental music". The Door And The Window were the true experimenters. They had the courage to skip all the theory and just pick up the instruments, to see what would happen." -- Igor. This CD complies for the first time on CD their album, singles and compilation appearances and contains sleeve notes from Nag, Bendle and Mark Perry." - Overground. Includes the LP, their first 2 EPs Dont Kill Colin and Production Line (featuring the track I Hate Sound which was the inspiration for the title of the I Hate The Pop Group comp), CCH from the Ankst In My Pants double 7-¢?¬ù on Deleted and Number One Entertainer from the awesome Weird Noise EP on Fuck Off records. A true classic in the DIY underground - very highly recommended!!

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