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DOOR AND THE WINDOW, THE - Doctor Egg - Live Recordings 1983-1987

The Door And The Window

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having abandoned their earlier angry mode these recordings see the door and the window retain their typically inspired but musically inept disposition as they explore their physical and spiritual world and send back their idiosyncratic dispatches.after having spent several years in the late 70s and early 80s rapidly recording and releasing a number of records, nag and bendle decided to start sitting on their recordings -¢?? -¢??why dont we wait 20 years and see if this is still worth releasing?-¢?¬ù having an ethos of allowing ridiculous ideas to surface and then meticulously following them to their conclusion, they were bound to pursue this. (around the time of these recordings nag and bendle travelled on a number of strange protracted pilgrimages inspired by a number of popular phrases such as -¢??send him to coventry-¢?¬ù and -¢??taking coals to newcastle-¢?¬ù).serendipity would have it that at the end of this 20 year wait overground records saw fit this summer to issue a cd release of the door and the windows lp -¢??detailed twang-¢?¬ù from the time when tdatw was nag, bendle and mark perry. cynically building upon the marketing opportunity presented by the overwhelming interest shown in that recording, nag and bendle are now releasing this compilation of various tdatw lineups.other info: initially inspired by the first wave of industrial bands and the ethos of diy pioneers like the desperate bicycles and scritti politti, nag and bendle played their first gig and recorded their first single sometime before they bothered to rehearse. playing with an ever-changing lineup tdatw became first gradually rhythmic and then melodic. unhappy to remain in one musical ghetto, they inhabited several -¢?? playing gigs with post punks and ska bands, playing free tours with idealist hippies and gradually becoming deeply involved with the london musicians collective. they co-produced a magazine about the politics of record production, hosted the seminal -¢??jazz punk bonanza-¢?¬ù festivals of 1980, 82 and 86 and ran the weirdly eclectic sprouts conspiracy cabaret club. nag and bendle also played in the 49 americans and the liberated sound octet, nag played with mark perry and karl blake in the reflections and bendle with the casual labourers and the late music group. - TDATW. Non-distributed, self released CD of previously unreleased TDATW recordings.

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