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DOYLE, ROGER - The Passades - Volume 2 (His Masters Noise Volume 3)


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A new work from Roger Doyle ( for electronics & transformed voices). Produced and composed by Roger Doyle. - BVHaast.

I began Passades in early 2002 working with the creative possibilities of music software which captures sounds like a freeze-time video, making sound movement stop, or go forwards or backwards slowly. For raw material I used extracts (four seconds at a time) from previous compositions of mine which were fed into the software which would freeze them, and by mouse manipulation I would slowly move the material backwards and fowards onscreen to see if there was potential for keeping those particular extracts. On a trial and error basis I collected almost three hours of material in this way over a period of two and half years ... I have introduced the three Link/Separators and a piece from 2000 The Idea and its Shadow as contrasting material ... There is an ancient voice in this music which seems to travel through the present into the future, then back again into the past." -- Roger Doyle, Spring 2005
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