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the third ep by the durian brothers is called cubs" ep and completes the trilogy of _ج¨¬Årst recordings by the durian brothers to express their unique vision of a rough and direct club music that has its roots in minimal techno, noise and ethnic trance music. like its precursors, it comes in a foldout silkscreened cover; the cover artwork is again taken from the medicine book of the 1920s and re_ج¨‚Äöects the durian brothers aesthtics of dense, analogue black and whiteness. the A1 track heat is a radical approach in polyrhythmic trance-eternity: no bassdrum and bassline anymore, on , just a metallic sounding rhythm which goes on and on. even dj _å¬Å\r\ns will have a questionmark on their face... B1 deals with a slower, more sparse beat that stays at 90 bpm and shows more traditional club music structures. B2 is a listening-track which might be a challenge for your nerves and sounds a bit like an uncanny piece of minimal _ج¨¬Ålm soundtrack.\r\nplay loud. the durian brothers play with 4 prepared turntables (without vinyl), a sequencer, effects and some tiny bits & pieces for treatments. Lim 330 / screenprint foldout / poster-cover." -Diskant.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
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