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DWARR - Starting Over

Drag City

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Posterity is a word that simply means all future generations." Only sex, money, and power are stronger driving forces behind human creativity, and posterity is the thing that motivated DUANE WARR to create his first album, Starting Over, in 1984. What makes a person in their 20s concerned about posterity? Hard living, a sense of mortality, the fear of dying before having done something worth a damn. And Duane Warr lived hard, oh yes. So what did he leave for posterity? A spectacular vision of the apocalypse-of starting over from zero. A vision of terror and suffering but also, perhaps, one of hope. (Warr would be born again nine years later.) Following on the heels of last years acclaimed reissue of Dwarrs hard rock masterpiece Animals, Drag City and Yoga Records proudly present Duane Warrs first testament, a home-recorded rock-metal-blues shredder unlike anything else, a true outlier from the heart of the conformist 80s. Dont believe us? Take a look at his "Screams of Terror" music video on YouTube and remind yourself what it feels like to be fucking amazed by something so different its almost threatening." -Drag City.

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