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This Jabba-sized double-shot of damaged pop has finally dropped! At first needle-drop, once might find this an odd pairing, but give these songs a few minutes to leak its glorious glass-shard-spiked goo into your aural cavities, and itll make sense why the Skull loved Sacramentos GANGLIANS enough to bring them on tour and split a record with em. While with EAT SKULL you have to get your nails a bit dirty digging through their lovingly antagonistic nego-vibe surface scuzz to get to the underlying tunefulness, both bands share a knack for oblique, and/or fucked-up, good pop songs. Ganglians first trip to the vinyl farm is a perfect example of their lazily catchy, Great Unwashed-like, stoned-out folk-strum (emphasis on STONED). Pop songs were specifically requested from EAT SKULL this time around, and they certainly delivered in their own special way with two songs from the Sick to Death" sessions: one a straight-ahead fly-by-night scrappy punk-pop number, and the other a fractured dirge-pop epic. (Ever been whale-watching? Well, if youve ever found yourself leaning over the rail, waiting for that next burning throat-surge, just now imagine that at that very moment, a great song popped into your head. There, now youve got Leave the Universe.) EAT SKULL are currently working on their second LP for Siltbreeze & look out for coming Ganglians releases on Woodsist & Weird Forest. 400 copies, silkscreen-on-offset-printed covers, ridiculous artwork." - Dulc-i-tone\r\n

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