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EDLER, HANS - Elektron Kukeso

Boy Wonder

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"(Elektron Kukéso) was released in a small edition on Edlers own independent label Marilla. The music was recorded during many long late night sessions at the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in the Swedish capital Stockholm. At the time, EMS was one of the worlds most advanced studios for serious electronic composition. The facilities were even praised by no less a person than Pierre Schaeffer -Ǭ- the father of the concrete music. In 1970, EMS could present a freshly installed computer which had cost 7 million Swedish crowns. Unlike the moogs, the computer had no keyboard, but had to be operated by a control console which occupied a room by itself and was arranged as a rectangle with a total length of 10 yards (circa 9 meters). It was only after having taken lessons in mathematics and programming that Edler was allowed to work on the gigantic machine, which in spite of its steep price wasnt very reliable. Against all odds, Edler managed to finish the recordings. The result was a one-of-a-kind-album too original to be copied. Elektron Kukéso is hi-tech and low-fi at the same time. Try to imagine Stockhausen on acid going berserk on Carnaby Street. Old school electronic breakbeats team up with the sound of vintage tone and noise generators -Ǭ-all filtered through a psychedelic kaleidoscope by a frustrated mind on high speed. The record comes with digipack-sleeve, OBI, a 24-page colour booklet with full story and pictures, plus a reprint of the original promotion-poster from 1971." - Boy Wonder.

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