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ELECTRIC EELS - Spin Age Blasters/Bunnies

Superior Viaduct

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Following their legendary punk-as-ever Agitated single, electric eels released their second posthumous single, Spin Age Blasters/Bunnies, on Mustard Records in 1981. Recorded in 1975 and taking the bands free-form jazz and art rock alliances to dizzying extreme, the twin-guitar swirl of Spin Age Blasters sounds like Trout Mask Replica on paint fumes, while Bunnies features Dave E.s relaxing Bob-Ross-like vocals and frantic clarinet bursts -É la Roscoe Mitchell. This first-time vinyl reissue includes original cover artwork by eels guitarist John Morton and is pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. - Superior Viaduct.

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