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ELECTROPHILIA - Black Noise Practitioner


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"In 1979 Steven Parrino first performed guitar grind" which consisted of two guitars grinding into each other screaming feedback and sonic bliss. In 1997 Parrino conceptualized what was to be his new musical focus, a sound electric and brutal, and after a few small obscure shows, ELECTROPHILIA was born. A hard to find 10 inch lp, cd single and 7" single were released between then and 2002 when Jutta Koether, long time noise & performance artist in her own right, joined the band. With Koether and Parrrino mashing ideas and sounds ELECTROPHILIA has expanded and made its presence felt in shows around NYC. These shows have been documented, and four have been collected and turned into this double lp release: ELECTROPHILIA Black Noise Practitioner. The sound of ELECTROPHILIA evokes a mix of the sonic denseness of Lou Reeds Metal Machine Music, the free screech of Albert Ayler, the extreme attack of Merzbow and the raw dirt of the Stooges. ELECTROPHILIA is extreme psychedelic noise; brutal electric bass manipulations interwoven with freezing synth textures. Includes guest musicians: trk. 1: Christopher Pahud (Honey for Petzi). trk. 3: Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance, Angelblood) & John Gernand." - Skul. Jutta Koether was a member of Diadal with Rita Ackermann and also released the Outer Sound Project CD of Ecstatic Peace. Beautiful gatefold jacket.

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