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Drawing Room

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For its eighth label release, Drawing Room presents the second album from\r\nthe enigmatic Eleven Twenty-Nine. _Ç Eleven Twenty-Nine -- Tom Carter and\r\nMarc Orleans on guitar and Michael Evans on drums -- are masters of\r\nincendiary free rock, drawing on lineage that includes but is definitely\r\nnot limited to Charalambides, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and God Is My\r\nCo-Pilot.\r\nEleven Twenty-Nines second full-length album A Tithe To Hell explores far\r\ndarker and heavier improvisational worlds than their Northern Spy debut.\r\nCharting hidden infernos of sounds with ostensibly _¢‚ǨÀúrock instrumentation,\r\nthese three gifted musicians spill free-flowing sounds that sweep the\r\nlistener into hermetic spaces outside of consensual genre boundaries. For\r\nlovers of Charalambides, Bardo Pond, Sunburned, and free music of all\r\ngenres, A Tithe To Hell is an essential listen. _Ç Pressed on 180-gram\r\nvinyl. - Drawing Room.\r\n
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