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ELEVEN TWENTY-NINE - In The Sunlight b/w Anchors Away

Drawing Room

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The second release in the The Drawing Room 45 Collection Volume 1 , brings long time collaborators Tom Carter & Marc Orleans project Eleven Twenty-Nine to the collection.\r\nTom Carter has been a blues-damaged guitarist of extraordinary magnitude and magnanimous extremes. In addition to his solo work and Eleven Twenty-Nine, Carter remains an active co-creator of the Texas homebrew psych pioneers Charalambides and curator of his own label, Wholly-Other.\r\nFree-form psych veteran Marc Orleans has been the secret weapon behind some of the heaviest mumbo jumbo and dusted American cosmic-craziness to come out in the last decade and a half.\r\nWe at Drawing Room are long time fans of these guys and are proud to have this release to offer you. - Drawing Room.

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