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ELIZALDE, PETER - Winter Playground Mystery

Riverman Music

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"Unknown, brilliant all-original outsider loner singer-songwriter who completely sounds trapped in 1972 not 82!! One insane epic dueling guitar/synth prog stormer and also a quirky power-pop hard rock number and the rest sounds like early 70s FM radio or maybe-Ç Todd Rundgren-Ç coming down off a hard bummer! Cool hand-drawn acid-drenched cover reminiscent of-Ç Van Gogh. Maybe this guy was dipping into the turpentine, too! Dark, cold, underdeveloped and moody just like the music. A little something for everyone here: real people, soft rock, psych, folk, prog and more. An undiscovered gem thats bound to get props eventually from the big-time collectors. -Riverman.

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