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Mound Duel

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Endless Boogie have managed to release two LPs of homespun rehearsal concoctions - volume one in a limited edition of 500, volume two in a numbered limited edition of 150 (well, 299 were pressed, but 150 were placed at random at really bad record stores and thrift shops all over town). \r\nFor the uninitiated, Endless Boogies music could be described as remarkable in its niggling mindlessness, its funereal parade of yawn-enforcing riffs, the pseudo-light it throws upon non-problems. And, of course, this is a really good thing. - ? After 4+ years of playing the shittiest dives in NYC (and the Slint-curated ATP fest..), Endless Boogie have finally released, not one, but two lps! All star line-up features Paul Majors (beyond-legendary underground record trafficker - see recent issue of VICE. ?), Chris Gray (Double Leopards, White Rock), Jesper (1/2 Special label head -released the last batch of Trad Gras discs) and Marko Pezzati (Naked Raygun!). The name says it all.. Both hand stamped/screened with inserts. Highly recommended! Small stash unearthed.. Definitely the very last copies.

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