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"Awesome collaborative recording by Spanish industrial music pioneers Esplendor Geom_ɬ©trico and legendary Japanese noise kings Hijokaidan. Esplendor Geom_ɬ©trico: Arturo Lanz, Saverio Evangelista; Hijokaidan: Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, T. Mikawa. Released by Geometrik (Madrid), Suezan Studio (Tokyo), and Alchemy Records (Osaka). In November 2013, E.G. made their fourth trip to Japan. After the first two shows in Tokyo, the day for the E.G.Kaidan came. I confess: I was nervous because E.G. had almost never played with other bands on stage. However, my concern was entirely blown away as they kick-started the show. Overlapping with the material chosen from E.G.s new album, Ultraphoon (GR 2130CD/LP, 2013), Jojo Hiroshiges guitar sound and the harsh noise generated by Mikawa combined with Junkos eccentric voice, mingled together into an unprecedented mass of sound, and hit us. The two ensembles, through a brief initial phase as if they were feeling their ways toward each other, fused their sounds together and assaulted the audience with overpowering force. The vocal interchange between Arturo Lanz and Junko, getting the audience involved, drove the whole house into frenzy. The show ended in triumph... the air filled with a mixture of excitement and stunned euphoria" --Kaoru Koyanagi (Suezan Studio). Recorded in high quality at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, November 2013. Limited numbered edition of 500." - Geometrik.
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