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EUROPA - La Ultima Emocion

Dark Entries

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Europa was a short-lived synthpop group from_Ç Valencia,_Ç Spain_Ç formed in 1980 by Julio _¢‚Ǩ_ìNexus_¢‚Ǩ¬ù Pastor (synthesizers), Alfonso Aguado (vocals, guitar), Lino Ovia_ɬ±o (vocals, drum machine), and Jos_ɬ© Luis Macias (synthesizers). The quartet championed the use of synthesizers, drum machines and other polyphonic gadgets in a city that was stuck in the throws of progressive rock. They recorded and released their only album_Ç La _É_°ltima Emoci_ɬ_n_Ç in 1981 on cassette, released by_Ç DAI_Ç (Division Avanzada Independiente) a label interested in bands _¢‚Ǩ_ìcapable of building electronic sounds from drum machines, sequencers, synths and effects, rather than conventional instruments like guitars and basses._¢‚Ǩ¬ù_¢‚Ǩ¬®The original issue of_Ç La _É_°ltima Emoci_ɬ_n_Ç was a single-sided cassette and limited to 500 copies. The band mixed all the tracks at their home studio using a Roland Juno 60, Casiotone 202, Korg Polysix, MS-20, MS-10 and the KR-55 drum machine. As part of the Spanish Techno-pop movement of the 1980s, Europas songs featured arpeggiated synthesizers and_Ç upbeat drum machines_Ç that flashback to the sound of Vince Clarkes_Ç Depeche_Ç Mode_Ç days. Comparisons could be made to other Spanish Techno-pop bands like_Ç Aviador Dro,_Ç Vocoder_Ç or_Ç Metal_Ç y_Ç Ca_Ç but Europa weaved a unique style of driving, energetic rhythms, bouncy keyboards and soaring vocals perfect for dancing or speeding into outer space. Shorty after their debut release the band would switch their name to_Ç _É_°ltima_Ç Emoci_ɬ_n_Ç releasing an EP in 1983 and an album in 1984 before breaking up. Alfonso Aguado went on to front_Ç Los Inhumanos, Julio Pastor launched the Valencia techno bands_Ç Megabeat_Ç and_Ç Interfront, while Jos_ɬ© Luis Macias and Lino Ovia_ɬ±o formed_Ç Comit_ɬ© Cisne. In 2010 the original Europa line-up reformed to play a few select live shows celebrating the re-issue of their 1984 cassette_Ç M_ɬ°quinas Rom_ɬ°nticas_Ç on Turia Records of Spain. Their sound remains clean, rhythmic and futuristically strange, transporting crowds to another dimension._¢‚Ǩ¬®All songs have been remastered for vinyl by_Ç George Horn_Ç at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley for vinyl. Each LP includes an 8-page booklet originally housed in the 1981 cassette long-box complete with bi-lingual liner notes, lyrics and photos. 30 years later the futuristic sounds of Europa are ready to usher in another new wave. - Dark Entries.

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