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Like a group groped Helen Keller all too drugged out to protest, the New York City based EXCEPTER weaves a dangerous course through the orange cones of cortex caressing sound. Drawing from boom-box emitters as disparate as CHROME, COMUS, and that weird-ass Indian techno music you heard eating that Somoza. Frequently lumped in with bands in their zip code like GANG GANG DANCE, SIGHTINGS, and ANIMAL COLLECTIVE and the NO NECK BLUES BAND, they are actually much more of a confrontational question mark. Lots of floor crawling stage exclamations make the band more slippery than a greased watermelon. With a lineup jamming out unclear instrumention but perhaps including detritus of Casios, battery needin samplers, six string part catalogs and occasional percussion, they manage to craft a deeply and creepily eerie sound that includes sounds from all over the radio dial. One could easily relax to this record and have ones heart forget to stop beating. Two of the songs on the record, Jrone (Two)" and "Jrone (Three)" are on the "KA" record, but in extremely mutilated formats due to reworkings to the point that they lie naked and throbbing like a gum wrapper in Gitmo Base." - Load.

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