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EXIAS-J - Live Document 2003-2005


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Free improvisation may have provided the original touch-paper for Exias-Js inception as a group, but by the time of the performances documented on this DVD we had gradually begun to move beyond it as a category. For instance, we began to incorporate deliberate internal structures in the form of compositional techniques such as minimalism, twelve-tone or atonalism, and we started to interrogate musical forms such as the sonata or ostinato. Or else in performance, we adopted approaches such as reliance upon a restricted number of modes, variations on a particular theme, extended instrumental technique, and forms of expression based on (non-harmonically structured) sound images themselves. In order to construct these phenomenological relationships, multiple techniques have been employed here, however, they appear to be completely subordinated to receptive function of the viewer and the creative function of the musicians. I believe that this is something of which we can be justifiably proud. Since music relies upon these phenomenological relationships as its medium, I never like to make light of the methods by which modes and phenomena can be generalized, however, I have no desire to turn a method into a goal. --Kondo Hideaki. Third release on PSF by Exias-J (Experimental Improvisors Association of Japan), Japans most conceptually-determined improvising collective and their first DVD. Containing three performances from Tokyo and New York, this is a challenging clash of methodologies and sonorities, hugely exciting in its electric power and formal heft. 142 minutes, region free, NTSC format, 4:3. -PSF.

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