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EYE - Black Ice

United Fairy Moons

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You need concentration at an Eye gig. But once youve\r\ndropped into the low, low, stiff-backed chair that\r\nthey provide and put on your goggles, things start to\r\nhappen. Eye are the original Quiet Men with Something\r\nTerrifying to say. And there are very few people who\r\nexit their shows who arent shaking their heads,\r\nglancing sideways, and saying something profound like\r\ in a half-voice. We at UFM are proud to\r\nrelease this, the first full-length Eye cd, in the\r\nyear that marks 25 years since percussionist (and\r\nthese days samplist non-paralleled) Peter Stapleton\r\nfirst pounded the goblin drums on the very first\r\nrelease on legendary NZ imprint Flying Nun, The Pin\r\nGroups Coat. That hes now playing some of the best\r\ndrums of his life, and that this collaboration with\r\nguitarist Peter Porteous and turntablist Ryan Cockburn\r\n(aka Spit) has all the hallmarks of his truly great\r\ngroups like the Victor Dimisich Band and the Terminals\r\n- i.e. its a band that is truly more than the sum of\r\nits parts, and knows it, and exploits it to become an\r\nentity in legend and dreaming(well, maybe you need to BE THERE to understand that fully, but still.....) - is something to mark\r\nwell. - United Fairy Moons.

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