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FEMALE EDITION - Acoustic Quanta


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"A sonic collage built from a series of metabolic improvisations roughly caught on magnetic tape, and then cut-up, mixed, messed, re-composed into a six pieces album, for a totally lysergic ding dong crunchiness result. Various several glossy sound sources such as piano's strings, percussion, synthesizers, electric organ, can barely be recognized here and there in an unpredictable momentum properly detached from rational use. This cassette is a door to escape purgatory, basically the perfect catalyzer for your high moment. Recommended to those outsiders who love wild visionary deviations in experimental music such as Angus McLise, Group Ongaku, Smegma and so on...  Swollen Avantgarde's head Matteo Poggi of Gelba, Sfulmini and Melting Mind's fame is the man who stands quiet but steady behind musique-concrete solo project Female Edition, spreading lo-fi rays of anti-academic sound exorcism. As usual, the artwork is curated by Virginia Genta" - Troglosound.
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