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FERRARI, BRUNHILD - Tranquilles Impatiences

Alga Marghen

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"Alga Marghen proudly presents the first record edition ever by Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari, a very refined and talented German composer, wife of Luc Ferrari with whom she collaborated for over 40 years in creating some of the most beautiful sound works ever created in the past decades. First there was Et tournent les sons dans la Garrigue that Luc Ferrari composed in 1977 before Exercises dImprovisation in the same year (a previously unreleased work, to be issued on the PLANAM label). These two pieces ...conceived for individual or collective improvisation for any instrument or instrumental group... are based on identical sound elements. Exercises dImprovisation consists of a sequence of 7 separate tapes, while for Et tournent les sons dans la Garrigue Luc Ferrari mixed these tapes into one. Listening to the separate tapes Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari felt the irresistible desire to compose a new piece using ad libitum five of these seven tapes. As she remarked: Impatiences represents for me those high-pitched rhythmic sounds, those imperturbable wriggling interfering with the low rhythms which are falsely quiet, because each of them is submitted to different and contradictory rhythms. I wished these to be perturbing enough to make the physical balance stagger by fractions of seconds. Edition limited to 300 copies, issued by Alga Marghen to celebrate the Oeuvres sonores 3 event conceived in collaboration with the New Media Department of Centre Pompidou and La mason rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert in Paris. This LP is the third in the Oeuvres sonores series after the Charlemagne Palestine Sound I LP and Luc Ferrari Danse LP. One-sided release." - Alga Marghen

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