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FERRARI, LUC - Photophonie

Transversales Disques

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"To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Luc Ferrari's birth, Transversales Disques announce the release of Photophonie - Bandes magnétiques inédites, unpublished archives, spanning 1973-1992, revelatory collection of commercial, commission, and secret music by electroacoustic music pioneer Luc Ferrari. "Photophonie" (1989) features music for the photographic exhibition of Alain Willaume; "Il était une fois" (1973) was Commissioned by the G.M.E.B.; "Trans-Voices" (1992) was curated by the American Center, Paris; and "Leica" (1977) was used in advertisement for the Leica camera. Affiliated with French Radio's Groupe de Musique Concrète, co-founder of the GRM with Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, Luc Ferrari (1929-2005) was a major figure of musique concrète and electroacoustic music, broke away to pave his own path of individualistic expressions of minimalist music, musical theater, field recordings, orchestral music and soundtracks." - Transversales Disques .
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