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Rune Grammofon

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"One-sided EP with screen print on B-side. No two FIRE! records sound the same, but with Requies they venture into uncharted territory. Musically ever expanding and no strangers to collaborations, FIRE! this time team up with no other than the one and only Stephen O'Malley from Sunn O))) and David Sandström from legendary Swedish hardcore punk band Refused for a truly epic 21-minute ebb and flow journey starting with church bells and ending in a whirlwind of postpunk energy. Spellbinding stuff. Flip it over and discover the stunning silk screen print courtesy of Kim Hiorthøy on the B-side. Strictly limited to 1000 numbered copies, this is a most desirable object you don't want to miss. FIRE!'s debut album, You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago (RCD 2091CD/RLP 3091LP), was released in 2009 to wide international acclaim. "The basic strategy of pairing the expressive energy of free jazz with a sturdy sense of groove has yielded something potent and self-contained" (New York Times). Between their debut and their previous album Defeat (RCD 2217CD/RLP 3217LP, 2021) there's been five albums, including collaborations with Jim O'Rourke (Unreleased?, RCD 2111CD/RLP 3111LP, 2011) and Oren Ambarchi (In The Mouth A Hand, 2012). Mats Gustafsson - bass sax, organ and live electronics; Johan Berthling - electric bass; Andreas Werliin - drums; Stephen O'Malley - guitar; David Sandström - drums." - Rune Grammofon.

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