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FIRSTPERSON - Issue 3: Realness


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"FirstPerson Magazine is a contemporary culture magazine at the intersections of art, music, and style. The publication originated to provide access to the art world in a deeper way. We collaborate with our contributors to share their insights and projects in relevant forms. We mix the content like a symposium with endless possibilities from resources in various fields of media. Contributions: Billygoat, Crocodiles, DailyServing, Limi Feu, Sublime Frequencies / Omar Souleyman, Gemini Editons, Karl Haendel, William Kentridge, Sandy Kim, Magnolia Tapestries, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Agnes Montgomery, New High (M)art, Katja Rahlwes, Steven Shearer, Zoe Strauss, Wolfgang Tillmans. The Sublime Frequencies tour diary is by Alan Bishop and Mark Gergis. It has been described by the authors as "a 12-page indictment on humanity, the West, ethics, post-exoticism and, oh, a travel diary." 77 pages." - FirstPerson.

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