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FIVE OR SIX - Acting On Impulse

Cherry Red

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A timely retrospective of one of the less heralded groups of the classic Cherry Red era of the early eighties but one in whom interest is growing. Musically akin to such contemporaries as Wire and This Heat, Five or Six had the distinction of providing the opening track (Portrait) to Cherry Red-Ǭ-s historic Pillows and Prayers compilation and this little masterpiece is duly featured on this Best Of collection. Also featured are such stellar singles as Another Reason (produced by the late and very legendary Kevin Coyne) and Polar Exposure and also the outstanding cuts from their impossibly rare and greatly sought after Spanish import album, Play Me That Song That Goes Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. After the group disbanded, its members went on to a multifarious range of artistic occupations, such as members of Spring Heel Jack, the Shock Headed Peters, at Factory Records and 4AD Records and in the drama department of the BBC. - Cherry Red

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