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Olde English Spelling Bee

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"Remastered issue of an obscure tape from the mysterious Outer Limits Collective (Wingdings/Explorers/Matrix Metals/Foxy Baby/Yoga/90210/etc). Limited to 425 copies in pro-printed duo-tone sleeves with a 5-page essay booklet. "The flashback repository is a storehouse of collective waste consciousness from all beings of the universe, i.e. all unfiltered myth & material of the human/alien/animal mind, laying dormant in a hidden dimension resembling a disposal area or transfer station somewhere within our spectral plane. A vast depot for all universal race memory that passes beyond our mortal earthly cognition and subconscious apparatus. This reposited latent substance is available to all organisms within our particular sphere, all beings earthy and paranormal. The recordings here represent the three main stages of unconscious withdrawal: Glimpse, Recurrence, and Manifestation - they are a blue print of sorts. There may be a possibility of the retrieval of materials - the recycling of this substance alongside the development of individual real-time understanding of eternal materials and impressions that are constantly escaping our sensory grip. The repository shows itself as what appears to be part of an undivided whole, a section manifested in our dimensional field through thin channels of emotion & vibration. These phenomena are the result of direct brain-repository contact, a glimpse into the infinite plenitude of energy and data housed by the repository. With each glimpse, each peek through these looking-glass channels, the mind gains a deeper insight into the potentials hibernating within the data-pool and the particular characteristics and movements of the repository. It is important to note that the usage of the word flashback connotes not only the re-collection or re-existence of memory and dream data from the past, but also the future. For instance one can flash forward just as easily and achieve the desired results." -- Outer Limits Inc.

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