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FLESHTONE AURA - Soliloquy For Lieven


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"Produced in association with Psychic Encumbrance. Hand painted labels/silk screened foil stamped covers. Green (not orange) sleeve variant. Numbered edition of 100. "Soliloquy For Lieven is a drastic turn for Toronto sound artist Fleshtone Aura. Instead of his signature sample heavy, tape loop collage psychedelia, Soliloquy For Lieven finds him swimming in an ambient ocean of minimalist synth and field recordings. These sounds, often associated with New Age music, are, when realized by Mr. Zukerman, altogether more ominous in tone; exploring a darker side of personal spirituality. \r\nSays the artist: "I recorded a bunch of it during a residency on Toronto Island. . . it was made as a sort of sonic impersonation of Dolphins Into The Future, that woefully missed the mark." - Pleasence.
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