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FLIED EGG - Dr. Siegels Fried Egg Shooting Machine


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Japans proggers-Ç Flied Egg, consisting of former-Ç Strawberry Path-Ç alumni-Ç Shigeru Narumo-Ç and-Ç Hiro Tsunoda, supported by former-Ç Brush-Ç leader,-Ç Masayoshi Takanaka, released two albums in the early 70s,-Ç Dr. Siegels Fried Egg Machine-Ç being the first and undoubtedly the better of the two.-Ç Dr. Siegels..., originally released in 1972, is a much more keyboard-oriented affair, with Narumo adding a Moog, celeste and harpsichord to his usual Hammond and piano line-up. On this album, the musical influences are more-Ç Uriah Heep-Ç than the previous-Ç Hendrix-inspired leanings, although touches of-Ç Emerson, Lake & Palmer,-Ç Deep Purple,-Ç Birth Control-Ç and even-Ç Black Sabbath-Ç find their way into the musical mèlange.-Ç Dr. Siegels...-Ç presents a rich selection of musical styles, culminating with Guide Me To The Quietness," a glorious prog epic that brings an inventive and enjoyable album to a climactic finale. Digitally remastered. Numbered, limited collectors edition housed in an LP-replica gatefold card wallet." -Phoenix

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