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FNU Ronnies surprised and won over a slew of discerning listeners when their debut came out in 2008. Their abrasive and chaotic approach to jagged punk rock marred with heavily distorted electronic vibes was like discovering a brand new aphrodisiac for noiseniacs.On Golem, the trio adds a new layer to their fender bending. Imagine a semi-analog liaison between a short-circuiting TR 808, dime store pulp instruments played through a blown-out car stereo and vocals recorded with a can at the end of a string, in the shadow of a huge black monolith. Three songs of goofy perfection and industrial snap-to carnage lasting a total of seventeen minutes, with the epic title track clocking in at the ten minute mark, makes Golem the closest youll get to sipping maple syrup with a straw, without actually sucking. -Skrotup

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