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FOSSILS/WAVES - Ghetto Primiative


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Crumbling latitudes form a sonic bridge connecting Hamilton, Ontario and ypsi, Michigan. -Ç Recorded at the peak of canaduhs summer, the fossils half of this split stinks of the melted ghetto blaster thistrack was recorded on. -Ç The whole things chugs along at a super slow-mo rate giving the whole track a gotham city sewer system field recording vibe. -Ç Waves is john olson of American tapes, wolf eyes, dead machines, and just about every other rad unit out there. -Ç Here he comes in surfing on a sonic torrent of sirens crashing like the waves and bringing the seashells onto the shore. -Ç Wavesss second track sounds like the distress call of a submarine crashed on the ocean floor being heard through dolphin ears. -Ç In a numbered edition of 100 with slim cases slathered in a whole bunch of paint, but actually ends up looking super slick. - Arbor.

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