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Just as the Summer winds begin their sultry slide into place, one last gob of cold blackness swoops in on the wings of a fallen angel, as Bisbee, Arizonas FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS drop a ten ton anvil on your head, and crack your mind open like a petrified dinosaur egg. With a shell-shocking single last year on Going Underground and their debut LP just released this month on the same label, its time you left the safety and security of your homely hut and ventured out into the danger zone with these two throbbing death tomes of blunt force and gastrointestinal damage that will cause irreversible harm and shave multiple years off your lifespan. By far the most brutal and unsettling HoZac release to date, and the sleeve art alone will surely test the limits of your tolerance for full frontal male nudity. If you dont want a picture of a bloody dudes balls in your living room, you better go for the gold on this one. -Horizontal Action\r\n

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