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FREUND, KEITH - Trash Can Lamb

Soda Gong

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"Trash Can Lamb is a new solo album from Akron, OH-based multi-instrumentalist Keith Freund. For the better part of twenty years, Freund has been producing intimate, shape-shifting music on his own and as part of collaborative projects such as Trouble Books, Lemon Quartet, and Aqueduct Ensemble. Here, he concocts a heady, homespun broth of analog synthesis, bit-reduced sampling, piano, standup bass, saxophone, and location recordings, arriving at a loose and evocative set of songs. Throughout the album, listeners hear eight-bit experimental delays mangling airy acoustic materials, denaturalizing them into primitive loop structures while retaining their golden-hued, melodic cores. The sputters, hisses, and croaks of handmade electronics nuzzle up to wistful piano and saxophone ruminations; the pure pandemonium of chaotic triangle wave patching and filtered noise settles into the serenity of a backyard dusk full of spring peepers. It's in the space between the ragtag and rough-hewn and the romantic and yearning that Freund situates these compositions; it's a peek inside a workshop that sits atop the trees, branches scraping on the windows, bluejays who just won't knock it off, a table fan spinning slower and slower, its cheap blades covered in dust. All music by Keith Freund, with contributions by Linda Lejsovka, G.S. Schray, Steve Clements, and Corey Farrow. Mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M. Art/design by Alex McCullough and Felix Luke." - Soda Gong.

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