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"Reinhold Friedl (piano) meets Radian member Martin Siewert (guitar, electronics). Three spontaneous sonic explorations -- subtle and explosive! With over a dozen releases on Karlrecords, and a total output of more than 100 albums in general, Reinhold Friedl doesn't need much of an introduction to anyone interested in contemporary music/avantgarde: his ensemble Zeitkratzer is as respected as it is feared for its radical approach on music, and it seems redundant to mention all collaborators and projects. Friedl is known for his unique piano sound, his advanced techniques, and his musical intensity paired with precise exuberant sound constructions and consistent compositional thinking. He has cooperated with musicians from Phil Niblock to Lou ReedMario Bertoncini (Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza) to WhitehouseLaurie Anderson to Rashad Becker, and works as guest professor at various universities across Europe. The "multi-talented renaissance man" (as Naut Human turned it) is also known as a specialist for Iannis Xenakis, and curates the Perihel series on Karlrecords. Lichtung is the collaboration of Friedl and no other than Vienna-based Martin Siewert, himself a highly prolific and repudiated innovative guitar player and producer in groups like Radian and Trapist. Martin Siewert has played with the who-is-who in experimental and improvised music and has celebrated his strong musical identity in international collaborations with Otomo YoshihideOren AmbarchiMeg StuartChristian FenneszSainkho Namtchylak, and The Necks. Siewert's guitar plays at the intersection of acoustic/electronic-generated sounds is unique, evoking echoes of krautrock and musique concrete to electronic jazz and avantgarde. Lichtung was recorded in Vienna: several studio meetings condensed to three intense tracks, a statement and musical adventure between noise and silence, subtle and explosive! Two musicians who couldn't be more diverse, and yet here -- in every sense -- they act in concert." -KARLRECORDS 

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