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GAS MASK HORSE - Full Moon Hysteria - Truncated Edition

American Tapes

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"OMG- Finally here: Total outsider D.I.Y" horror showcase supreme from this amazing Chicago Artist par excellence. Sounds like nothing else and totally raw and unique. Has NADA foot planted in the modern popular underground world and the vibes emulating from this one sided platter with seep into your skin and haunt your world thru the blizzard winter nights for AGES. Havent been this excited for a new addition to the American Tapes family since DJ DOG DICK did a bunch of drugs, unplugged the gear and went all Spoken-Soaken Word. If you like:
\r\nthen this LP with DESTROY YOU. File in your outsider/soundtracks/sound effects section and MELT YOUR NUGGET. YES
\r\nAny "artist" that ends his emails with "Be Safe, but not TOO Safe..." Has my ATTENTION. FOR LIFE.
\r\nBOOSH. Edition of 100, numbered. Handmade art. RAW. THIS SHIT IS AMAZING." - American Tapes
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