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GEOLOGIST - Live In The Land Of The Sky

My Animal Home

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LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER. Recorded live at the Asheville Masonic Temple in October 2017, the Live In The Land Of The Sky cassette is the first official solo release from Animal Collective’s Geologist, and was sold exclusively at Panda Bear/Geologist North American tour dates in 2018.These are the remaining copies, exclusive to Fusetron, hand numbered up to 500. Entire run limited to 750 copies. "The music was created in part for AC’s “Tangerine Reef” project, and “Zoombloom-DPSD” - a collaborative video/sound installation with director Danny Perez at the 2017 Desert Daze Festival. Around the same time, Geologist’s bandmate Avey Tare asked him to join him on the road for a few solo shows. This specific set was recorded live at the Masonic Temple in Asheville, NC on October 27, 2017 (only his third solo performance ever.) The cassette was sold exclusively at live shows in 2018 and 2019. First edition is hand numbered to 250, second edition hand numbered to 500. Sonic influences range from early Pink Floyd organ jams, Kompakt Pop Ambient, Ariel Kalma, and the KLF “Chill Out” record." - My Animal Home.

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