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Galactic Zoo Disk/Drag City

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Drag City and Galactic Zoo Disks first turned the world on to The George-Edwards Group in 2009, with their never-exactly-released late 70s alien autumnal song-scape 38.38. Their music is singular and great, and like you, we assumed that was their one, definitive statement. Un-till...this new Archives release contains a treasure trove of bizarre riches spanning from the 38:38-era to what appears to be the mid-80s (well never know for sure -- and we dont have to, the stuff is sublimely wack in a manner that requires no further explanation). The music that makes Archives is a more rocking version of The George-Edwards sound. The tremulous, strangely timbered vocals are still their signature, but this time theyre atop a few highly compressed and fuzzed-out rock cuts, as well as several synthed-out dirges that would make Suicide, Bruce Haack or Cabaret Voltaire cock an ear (and make all these new coldwave bands blush to their shallow roots!). Also within are the murky analog keyboard bloops which all but define the GE sound, as well as ballads that make one wish there was an entirely different language to describe musical forms. Archives is the second miraculous LP from The George-Edwards Group archives that will keep your jaw agape for the rest of the year. What year? What year is it? Any year! - Galactic Zoo DIsk/Drag City.

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