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GRAHAM, DAN - Rock/Music Writings

Primary Information

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"Primary Information is pleased to announce the release of the first English language collection devoted entirely to Dan Grahams writings on music. Having initially appeared in small journals like Extensions, magazines such as Fusion or REALLIFE, or the artists catalogues the publication titled Rock/Music Writings covers Grahams most prolific period of writing on music and its relation to popular and visual culture: the late 60s to the late 80s. Most of these essays are out of print or available here for the first time in anthologized form.\r\nWhile Dan Graham is known widely for visual art, he began writing about Rock n Roll in the late 60s and remains an active writer on music and popular culture, both of which remain major tenants of his work. In the late 70s, Graham became influential to the now infamous New York no wave scene through his friendships with Glenn Branca, Lydia Lunch, and Kim Gordon, to name but a few. Through this influence, Graham became a touchstone for many musicians, and he was responsible for helping form and inspire many bands of that era, among them the Theoretical Girls and Sonic Youth. \r\nGraham gave back to this community with his seminal video and essay Rock My Religion, as well as the essays New Wave Rock and the Feminine, and Punk as Propaganda. Other works on punk rock included in the book are The End of Liberalism, McLarens Children, Untitled, and Artist as Producer.\r\nRock/Music Writings also contains Grahams now-infamous and hitherto unavailable texts on the Kinks, a band Graham is not shy about pronouncing the best Rock band of all time. Another rare text, All You Need Is Love (1968) is included, which exemplifies a poetic style that was then an active part of Grahams practice. \r\nDan Graham, based in New York, has exhibited widely since the 1960s, beginning with conceptual magazine inserts and moving towards performance, video, and architecture. Recently, the Whitney Museum of American Art opened a survey of his work, Dan Graham: Beyond. This exhibition originated at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and is traveling to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in the fall." - Primary Information. Highly recommended!

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