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GRASSLUNG - Sincere Void

Root Strata

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"Grasslung is the moniker of Brooklyn based musician Jonas Asher. Sincere Void is Ashers first major above ground release and were happy to help him migrate out of the dungeon and into the twilight. After a string of small run tapes & CD-Rs that ventured into the outer realms of damaged analog drone, Asher has taken on a whole new vision for his music. The opener Scarred Hands We Drift sets the tone, with lush waves of delayed notes that usher in the records various paths of gauzy atmospherics, piano drift, lost melodies and body rhythms built from static. This music is bare in the best way, with most of the tracks here held together by pings of electricity or faint loops of harmony shot from the other side, all slowly crafted into melancholic tapestries good for keeping you warm during midnight trips to the void. Edition of 500 CDs in offset printed sleeve." -Root Strata

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