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HAKANSSON, CARL - Candles Glow

Riverman Music

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"Completely obscure private press from central Massachusetts, 1979.-Ç Candles Glow-Ç was recorded predominantly in the attic of an old farm house in northern New Hampshire. This is the same little corner of the world where-Ç Bobb Trimble-Ç made two of the best psych records ever, also around 1980. This albums not as out-there as Bobbs, but its completely unknown as far as you can tell and several tracks have got a nice rural psych feel with great, garage-y guitar work from-Ç Richard Thyng, as evidenced on Morning Bird."-Ç Neil Youngs definitely an influence here, and the rest of the record is a lot mellower, with a few solo downer-folk numbers by-Ç Carl Hakansson-Ç and one really spooky and somber kind of chanted mantra a cappella track "Alone They Ride," credited to-Ç The Thyng-Hakansson Chorus." -Riverman

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