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HANK, CANDIE - Kimouchi


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"Patric Catani started to make music very early, in his teenager age he used to program on his C64 Computer and used to rip the old arcade game music out of games. He continued to work on the home computer and made his first Hardcore/Techno Candie Hank is a grotesque entertainment show with no limit, a collision of Rock_Ǭ¥n Roll, Moog influenced but harsh synthscapes breakcore but Belly Dance Punk and Gabba like Proto Pop. His debut LP Kimouchi just got released on Gagarin Records run by Felix Kubin who couldn't deny to release the Candie Hank stuff and even called it a landmark. Candie Hank calls it Lubricant Sleazecore. Gabba record in the age of 16 in the year 1992 on his Amiga 500 computer." - Gagarin

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