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HEATHEN SHAME - Speed The Parting Guest

Twisted Village

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The second album from Cambridge, MA-based Heathen Shame. The trio of Greg Kelley ,Wayne Rogers , and Kate Village formed under the banner Heathen Shame in the fall of 1999. After a handful of one-off shows they recorded their self-titled debut LP in May of 2002, which caught them just as their sound was starting to gel. They then embarked on a three week tour of Americas heartland with Double Leopards (including at least one outdoor show that could be termed a gathering") in an attempt to share their unique brand of high decibel improvisation. Although they drove away as many people as they converted (OK, maybe a lot more than they converted), the steady gigging continued upon their return and soon the Heathen Shame were playing as one mind rather than three. Speed The Parting Guest is a carefully paced but blazing affair that shows how seamless a unit theyve become. In contrast to the abstract feel of their debut, Speed The Parting Guest finds them swinging large blocks of sound around their heads for hours before launching them at you. Their wall of sound is now a sonic universe that they can manipulate with slow malice or lightning precision. Heathen Shame are destined to be THE most talked about two-guitar-and-trumpet combo of 2005 and beyond." - FE.

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