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HEXLOVE - Want To Be Nice

Weird Forest

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Hey, sometimes everything gets a little too much and the ol nostrils feel constricted and the stomach feels empty and inside out. Just step out of it [like a transparent sphere]. I was always told to use a warm towel. However. What is this Hexlove shit doing to me right now? Putting me on the ropes, yo. West Coasting Zac Nelson double-doses and lifts this rump roast with layers of sprite-like bliss wafting; a come-and-go series of ghosts over spans of time then in fact here comes a complete cosmic sine-flute journey. I dont know, maybe Vangelis and Klaus Schulze get fed each others good vibes and then, oh yeah, the realness of the sound and a weight or extreme heaviness. Walls, sheets, large tarps of these good vibes get spun by a sampler dish of Sunroof-esque absolute humnburn clatter, completely searing, straight-up whopper, and somewhere around the near edge of celestial submerged polyorchestral non-existence emersion into microshard peaks of looping bucolic, stoney walk-on-the-water synth(?) fragment melody permeation you -- eventually, no matter where you are -- youre pretty much lost in a mellow excitement/familiar space I think someone whispered my name - type deal. All the mentioned unfolds in one 39 minute track. -Loren Shimanek

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