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HIGH RISE - Destination - Best Of


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Unbelievably, High Rise are celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year. Strictly speaking, they started out as Psychedelic Speed Freaks, only taking the High Rise name in 1983. But, whatever -- the will to a state where uber-heaviness and uber-speed merge into one all-enveloping bliss haze has been their one shining goal for a full two decades now. Acceleration, motor-burn, and blinding forward motion encapsulated through guitar, bass and drums. What you get is twelve remastered tracks of totally thrilling, full on, heads down, speed-psych-metal mayhem taken from their classic PSF releases. The album also includes two previously unreleased tracks: a studio version of live favourite Ikon, and a new piece called Heavenly Power. For once the superlatives are fully deserved. High Rise are the band that kick-started a label and a scene. Theyre the power-trio to end all power-trios. - Alan Cummings.

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