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HORMANN, VOLKER - Jungle Guitar Music

Happy Zloty

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-Working partly with atonal playing techniques, Volker Hormann creates a kind of impressionistic program music on this 7. The title track provides an audible jungle atmosphere, made with several layers of fx-pedaled guitars. Everythings there: the trees in the wind, animals and whatnot. Hen Music, the first track on the b-side is inspired by the way chickens move and search for food. \r\n The thing is, what Hormann really does here is creating free rhythmic structures and hilarious, picturesque sounds that leave much space for endless association. Oswaldo, the lyrical second track on the b-side comes up with an entirely different, pretty melodic approach. Played on a regular concert guitar, this song moves in between minor harmonies and the rough and cold sounds the steel strings produce. What a highly interesting contrast..." - Happy Zloty. HAPPY ZLOTY is a small label from Bremen that has released a series of beautiful 7"s and LPs.\r\nAll are editions of 200 or 300 in silkscreened sleeves.

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