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HOTOTOGISU - Prayer Rug Exorcism

Heavy Blossom

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Most barbaric installment yet in the blood n groan saga initiated with Ghost From The Sun; Prayer Rug Exorcism is a monolithic single disc in four parts.-Ç Opening with a brooding nocturnal labyrinth, and ascending through a dark power-drone into sky-high ribbons of blasphemous feedback traceries, and the annihilating ghostly machine clank of part 4, like TGs old analog set up, running freeform and haunted in a hermetically sealed bunker.-Ç Recorded: The Black Chapel, Leeds; CCA, Glasgow; Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, and Brudenell Social Club, Leeds in 2005.-Ç Full color deluxe artwork delineates the unusual arcana, and some new clues for the pictorially fetishistic.-Ç Edition of 1000 copies. - Heavy Blossom.-Ç

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