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HOWLING HEX - Victory Chimp, A Book

Drag City

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In 1997, Drag City published Victory Chimp, a paperback book. This had been committed to text by Neil Hagerty from memories, wire photos, sheet music, cobol computer printouts and his own typewritten notes circa 1980-88. The story had to be told, but in 97 the long-form radio show was not quite the fashion and we certainly werent thinking about the coming onslaught of media mash-ups that would develop in our new millennium collage culture. But now, in 2011, Victory Chimp returns as an audio book. Not just any audio book, but a nextlevel audio book, which is only fitting given Victory Chimps once-and-future status as an out-level sci-fi paperback. The concept of reading with your ears is surely a nonsequitur that fits the logic of Victory Chimp, where sound is used not simply to create atmosphere, but to pace and forward the narrative. Its not quite the total work of art imagined by Wagner before he soundtracked the Holocaust, but VC pictures fascism as well, albeit from a radically different angle. And so we make the comparison. Not many things compare to Victory Chimp when it comes to form, largely due to its elusive play with it. Even Dos Passos caught shit for skewing structure once upon a time. - Drag City.

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